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LED Dance Floors

Looking for LED dance floors for rent in NJ? Look no further. LED dance floors or LED disco floors are illuminated dance floors featuring tiles or panels which light up in many different colors. 

We have a variety of LED dance floors to choose from based on type, shape, size, height, LED light color, intensity, and more. Our NJ LED dance floors can be configured into many shapes, sizes, and colors to create custom dance floors that match just about any theme.

We have skilled LED dance floor technicians who can meet the most unique setup needs and ensure your guests enjoy themselves to the fullest. Whether you are hosting a birthday party, evening party, or corporate event that includes some fun and dancing time, we have LED dance floors to meet your needs. 

Lucid Dance Floors

For events that stand out more, you can consider lucid dance floors. These are special types of LED dance floors that incorporate special lighting effects in their design. 

We have lucid dance floors for rent in NJ that are perfect for creating the ultimate immersive and interactive environment (lucid) for dancing. The dance floor lights are programmable to change color and patterns depending on the music to create a dynamic synchronized visual display that matches the music tempo and rhythm.

We have a variety of lucid dance floors for you to choose from, including those with pressure-sensitive elements/sensors that allow your guests to trigger different effects while dancing. 

Talk to us and turn your event or party venue into the latest nightclub with a dancing and music experience that is second to none!



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