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What are LED video walls?

LED video walls are simply big screens or large displays composed of multiple light-emitting diode (LED) panels that display high-quality graphics and videos. LED video walls function like larger computer monitors. Digital billboards are great examples of LED video walls.

Our Video Walls

LED video wall rentals for indoor and outdoor events.

Searching for LED video wall rental near me? We provide indoor and outdoor video panels that work for all weather conditions. We have LED video walls varying in IP protection degree, brightness, power consumption, type of LED (DIP or SMD), size, etc. 

Our outdoor LED video wall inventory consists of waterproof panels and panels that are bright enough for use during day events.  

Our indoor LED video wall inventory is composed of clear, crisp indoor panels fit for all types of indoor and corporate events.

EPS is a leading provider of LED video walls in NJ. We have a variety of LED video wall models for rent. Contact us and let our experienced technicians help you select the best LED video wall for your event. We are based out of NJ but serve the entire tri-state area.

LED Video Wall Benefits for Events

How do LED video walls enhance events? 

More powerful visual impact: LED video walls stand out because they are large luminous walls that allow you to digitize large spaces continuously with bold and impactful visuals that capture attention instantly and create the desired atmosphere in an event.

Ideal for indoors and outdoors: LED video walls are also great for all kinds of indoor and outdoor events. 

Powerful brand promotion: LED video walls are perfect for displaying brand and marketing materials like logos and product demos, among other promotional content that communicates effectively with the audience while promoting the brand.

Dynamic content: LED video walls can display all kinds of video and visual content, from animations to live feeds and interactive experiences that keep attendees engaged.

Engaging backdrops: You can also use LED video walls as backdrops for product launches, stage performances, and other event highlights that create a visually stunning experience for attendees.


Projection Screens & Mapping

We also offer projection screens and mapping as part of our audio-visual services in NJ. We have projection screens and multimedia projectors that can project high-quality images and videos onto any surface imaginable.

What is Projection Mapping?

Projection mapping is a trendy video projection technique today characterized by video footage mapped onto surfaces like buildings, stages, runways, and even water, to form astonishing displays.

Projection mapping works by blending images and videos from multiple projectors and displaying the resulting image or video on a flat object that isn’t necessarily a screen. As mentioned, images and videos can be projected onto walls, floors, ceilings, pools, or other surfaces in your venue to create an immersive experience. 

Benefits of Projection Mapping in an Event

Why should you rent projection screens in NJ? What are the main benefits of projection mapping for events?

Immersive experience: Projection mapping adds dimension to events and creates an incredibly immersive experience.

Ideal for all kinds of events: Since you can project any kind of images or videos on any kind of surface or backdrop, projection mapping will work for all kinds of events, from fashion shows and movie premiers to corporate events, product launches, and all kinds of parties. 

Let your event stand out. Enquire about projection screens in NJ and projection mapping services in NJ. 

TV Rentals

We also offer TV rentals for events in NJ. TVs can complement other displays like LED video walls and projection screens. EPS has an extensive inventory of TVs, 4k monitors, and touch screens of varying sizes. 

Our TVs can be added to TV rental packages, and we have the technicians to link them to create special effects and synchronicity in large events. Our technicians can also handle everything else, from attaching the TVs to walls to trussing and custom setups.

We have daily and weekly TV rental rates. Talk to us for all your NJ TV rental needs. This service is available for all types of events, from birthday parties and engagement parties to weddings and corporate events.

LED Video Wall Rental Services

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