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You need a good sound system to host a memorable event. Good sound systems enhance musical performances, speeches, and other live performances. They ensure sound is clear, audible, and consistent throughout an event space regardless of the size of the venue and audience or environment (outdoor vs. indoors).

EPS has sound systems that ensure your audience hears and appreciates the details/nuances of the sound. Our sound systems also play a critical role in establishing the right atmosphere (mood and ambiance) for your event. Our main sound rentals services includes; 

a. DJ Sound System Rental

EPS has DJ sound systems for rent in NJ. We have the sound and rental DJ equipment to offer the most immersive experiences for parties, corporate events, live events, and more powered by your favorite DJ.

We have complete DJ systems and sound systems with speakers, mixers, turntables, microphones, controllers, and more. We can set up and test the equipment. If you need a specific DJ sound system for a specific DJ rider ( DJ request), we can make it happen.

b. Live Audio Systems Rental

If you need sound for a live performance, we also offer live audio system rental in NJ. The best way of ensuring your live event has crisp clear audio throughout is to hire a professional NJ AV services company like EPS.

We offer reinforcement and audio services to musicians and entertainers performing live. Our service will match your requirements. We offer live audio equipment perfect for all types of venues and venue sizes.


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