Event production companies

What are Event Production companies? How to find one? 

Where do you live? In the US, there are many event production companies. You have to do some research before LANDING the best one. 

An event is a QUITE common activity, depending on your purpose. For example, I have to go to a Dance party. What is going to happen then? Who is going to arrange the whole system? 

There will be A STAGE, and viewers will enjoy it in a BIG HALL. 

There are many such types of events going side by side in your LIFE. 

The main question is, do you have to PLAN such an event? In that case, you need an event production company. 

Let’s understand what event production companies are and how they work. 

Event production companies

What are event production companies? 

An event is an ACTIVITY you might carry out. It can be either personal or commercial. 

And the companies which manage all the setups are called the EVENT PRODUCTION companies. These companies can handle all your event production solutions from A to Z. 

For example, sound system, visualization, stage designing, and management. 

There can be many other ACTIVITIES before and after the events handled by such services as well. 

How to choose the BEST event production companies?

Is it TOUGH to get the Best company? I can be if: 

  • You haven’t worked with such companies in the past. 
  • You don’t know what to look for in hiring the right AV company. . 

If that is the CASE, no worries. I have some top features to look at and to help guide you in the decision. 

  • Look at the communication skills

Communication is the FIRST AND FOREMOST thing you should look at. 

A good staff with excellent training knows how to speak with the customers. Their behavior and transparency in work give you an idea of the company. 

The top company staff has outstanding communication. 

  • The expertise of the team in management skills

Every event is not SIMPLE. And every event is not complex. There is varying complexity of the events, and you should look at one KEY SKILL— management skill. 

Is there staff trained and equipped to handle unsuspecting issues that can arise with technology?

If not, believe me, it is going to be a BIG PROBLEM. Therefore, check before you hire. 

  • Experience 

An experienced company has already arranged many events. And the team will let you know all the previous projects. 

There will be TWO BENEFITS. 

  • You’ll have confidence in their services. 
  • It will be easier to EVALUATE the company’s expertise. 
  • Past Customer reviews

Has the company worked with some customers already? 

If yes, it is a GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY to peek at the customer reviews. 

Ensure all customers are happy with the company’s services. 

  • Prices are fair market 

You might be rich or not, but there is NO OBJECTION in finding a COST-valuable opportunity. 

You should check the prices and compare them. Get a company that falls BEST under your requirements when it comes to service and cost. 

5 BEST event production companies in the US

Here are the top 5 companies working in the US. 

Rafanelli Events

It is one of the COMPANIES in the US, having offices in New York City and Boston. 

You’ll get multiple selection services like: 

  • Venue selection
  • Staging
  • Lighting, sound, photography, and videography
  • Furniture rentals and tenting for outside venues
  • Creating registration platforms
  • Brand building

Event Production Services (EPS)

EPS is one of the TOP event production companies in New Jersey. We have done around 1500 projects and have 14+ years of experience arranging events. 

Our primary services include: 

  • LED Video Walls
  • LED Dance Floors
  • Staging
  • Sound systems 
  • Lighting systems
  • Corporate AV services 
  • Photo booths
  • Special effects 


It is located outside the BOSTON area and offers services for event production. 

Here are some services you get. 

  • Vendor selection and project management
  • Experiential event marketing to improve the interaction between your company and attendees
  • Prop creation and prop styling
  • Day-of coordination


It is a POPULAR name in event production companies. They manage A to Z services for the planning of an event. Their main clients include: 

  • Motorola
  • Dos Equis
  • Google
  • Delta Airlines
  • Barbie

Endless Events

Endless events carry not only physical events but also virtual events. 

Here are the primary services. 

  • Scheduling venues
  • Scheduling labor forces at venues
  • Setting up all audio, video production, staging, and lighting equipment
  • Setting up platforms for event registration
  • Providing badges and gift bags for attendees

Final Words

Do you want the event production services company for your event? 

Contact Event Production Services in New Jersey. We’ve got the TOP TEAM for your event. 

Let’s talk about this. Call us right away! 

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